(scenario by Th3Max 2019 year)



“I want to say a few more words about the project. It’s a story about my experience. I have gone through some difficulties in this work. It was like being in hell for 3 years, but still move toward the goal. I knew exactly what I want to tell, and worked it over and over again and again. Everything that I know – I learned by myself.

This work… let’s say – it’s a story not about a girl who was raped, beaten, humiliated – no! It’s a real Life story! Life! And this project has so much meaning and has no definition – has no definition like Life and Existence.

And this story would promote other things, still yet to.

I did it not only for me.”



Max give performance based on video documentation of project.



(Attention: this in not artwork-this is documentation of artwork.)

Guy Ben-Ary’s NOTE !!!
“Remaking the performance would be to re-live the experience and inviting audiences to engage in the real visceral act and not just look at picture which is to me much more clean reserved and less interesting.”



The Beginning:
The exhibition of the project… visitors pass through the space where photographs are hung and Kombucha skin samples are also presented… gradually the visitors approaches the place of performance, everyone gathers, and the action begins.

Element 13/

Kombucha skin samples presented in the exhibition space:



Warning trigger at the entrance to the performance:

“Please be advised that these works contain images of self harm and experience of mental health, you may find some images distressing or triggering.”


Part 1 of performance: (video sketches by Eyal Sella)

Everything happens in complete silence (the action does not have to take place on stage – maybe in an open space).

Option 1: The scene  and the audience are far enough apart.

Option 2: The scene and the audience very close to each other.

Max comes to the stage (visitors do not see her coming). She wears something open, simple and short. Stage in absolute darkness: suddenly a lights goes on, illuminates Max, sink and mirror.

On the stage: a sink and a mirror. On the sink accessories: syringe, rope, petri dish, pieces of Kombucha skin, blade.

Max stands next to the sink, takes syringe, takes blood from a vein. Put the syringe aside. Max takes a piece of Kombucha skin and begins to cut the skin piece with a blade – she restores the original scar. Max takes a cut piece of skin and applied on one of the scars on her body. Then she takes coagulated blood and applies to a piece of skin on her body – in this way she restores (recreates?) the original scar, which looks like a fresh cut.

Max repeats the same actions – she continues to cover 3/4 of the original scars on her body with the pieces of skin and coagulated blood, restoring the original cuts.

Performance is drawing to a close. When everything is over, Max stays some time on stage in complete silence, and then the lights go out and she disappears.

Part 2 of performance:

The light goes out for a while and then the light lights up again (the power of light is not strong – the light glows gently) and the visitors see another picture: Max standing in the shower (her back to the visitors) covered in pieces of Kombucha “skin” and blood. Water is running, washing away remnants of “skin” and blood. Max is finally clean, standing in the shower under streams of water (after a few moments the light goes out slowly and Max disappears from the stage without the audience seeing it). It symbolizes cleansing and rebirth. Water symbolizes purification, and also the source of Life and Rebirth. The purpose of this part is to show the main and general idea of the ​​performance’s message: Purification and Rebirth.

The end of performance.


To place on the stage few (4-5) large screens that show close-ups of certain actions performed by Max. For example: close-up to Max’s face, close-up to blood streaming from vein, etc.



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