All Life forms are connected. All is nothing but biological masses, continually transforming… bounds to the eternal circle of Life. All in time, is food to something else chain, disappearing and rising up again in a different shape – metamorphosing.

For me, this awareness is basic existentialism. It puts me at a metaphysical crossroad, directing to both hope, and despair. On the one hand, I’m nothing but a piece of meat… On the other… even as a piece of meat, I’m not without worth.

I come from silence… a gloomy-dark and heavy abyss of the unspoken… like I’m always without word… like there are no words to describe what I want to understand… as if I’m an alien wondering in galaxies far of my own… an exile. Dazzle… Overwhelmed… In frighten most of the time.

I can only stare. For better or worse, trust only in what I see. My courage is in the steady of a glance, like a Glance is the only thing that I can call my own.

*Words by Th3Max and Minotaur.