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Gallery summarizes 5 years of jellyfish picturing. Some of those jellyfish were pictured in natural, some were manipulated: covered with red gouache paint, spotted by led lights, frozen, and hybridized with human blood. Given technology and light I tried to give these jellyfish beauty, present in their death, as it was never present in life. I tried to make them sacred.
 *Words by Th3Max and Minotaur.

Life… Death… Transformation… – Metamorphosis as the basic law of Life.

“I have always had a feeling that I am a stranger here …

There was always a feeling in the background that I was there, in prehistoric times … that I was the person painting on the walls in the cave, the mysterious person we would never know. Who was he? What did he experience and think when he painted there in the dark cave … Alone?

I have always been very attracted to prehistoric art. I create a lot of works that are like prehistoric sculptures, like rock paintings. In these works I use “primitive” materials, I make them “simple” … I want this “simplicity”, this “primitiveness”, to work with the hands, to delve, to sink, to disconnect.

I choose figures like a statue of a woman, like “Figurine Venus”, which symbolizes matriarchy and expresses my strong attraction to the Earth, Mother figure, Woman figure, Womb, Life source…

Perhaps this character is so attractive to me and I keep coming back to her in my art, precisely because I never experienced it, because I don’t know what a mother is, what a protective and enveloping figure is, because I never had a mother, because I never knew her, and I was never someone’s ‘Child’…
Maybe that’s why I’m so hungry for heat, why I need protection … and that hunger will never go away…

* Gaia, also known as Ashtoreth – the universal image of the goddess contains three forms or main titles – Queen, Virgin, Mother.”
(Words by Th3Max & Special thanks for Yonatan Fromm for the generous help)

Examples of back mount frame + what is Dibond printing:

A lightweight alternative to aluminium, dibond is perfect for archival framing and large print mounting. When weight is an issue because of framing or transportation 3mm Dibond (aluminium composite) is a good alternative to aluminium. Dibond is one of the strongest and long-lasting printing signage on the market that even if exposed to harsh weather, is decompose proof and resistant to fading. If Dibond print signs are used for indoors it can last you up to 10 years or more- outdoors will last you up to five years.

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