S3LF PORTRA1T / TR1BUT3 2 exhibition “Memento Mori”

MEXICO | Querétaro Museum of Contemporary Art
Biomedia: illness, art, and medicine is an itinerant video exhibition that brings together artistic proposals from different part of the world that incorporate biotechnological methods to address, question, or decode medical knowledge surrounding the body and illness. The exhibition has been carried out between performance artist Felipe Osornio “Lechedevirgen Trimegisto” and Meritxell Rosell and Lula C. Sánchez editors of CLOT Magazine. The exhibition opens on November 13 until December 9, 2019. More info at http://bit.ly/2Q8i8cG

Th3Max represent video documentation of “PA1N MAP” project.


SELF PORTRAIT / “Memento Mori” / TRIBUTE 2 exhibition

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