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In the shop you can order S3lf’s prints in sizes: up to 150×100 cm or 100×150 cm.
Photographs can be printed on Dibond, Paper best quality.
*Prints is durable and high quality.
*All pictures are in ‘camera’ no additional editing at all.


“I come from silence… a gloomy-dark and heavy abyss of the unspoken… like I’m always without words… like there are no words to describe what I want to understand… as if I’m an alien wondering in galaxies far of my own… an exile. Dazzled… Overwhelmed… In fear most of the time. I can only stare. For better or worse, trust only in what I see. My courage is in the steadiness of a glance, like a Glance is the only thing that I can call my own.”
*Words by Minotaur.




Name: “Th3 Gal3”
Was born: 28/3/2017
Was made: at night/ in full darkness/ at the sea
Contains: MDF/ black acrilic/ true blood/ sand/ knife/ darkness
Size: 57×57 c”m
*Work is durable and high quality




Examples of frame (back side)-print on Dibond: what is Dibond printing?

A lightweight alternative to aluminium, dibond is perfect for archival framing and large print mounting. When weight is an issue because of framing or transportation 3mm Dibond (aluminium composite) is a good alternative to aluminium. Dibond is one of the strongest and long-lasting printing signage on the market that even if exposed to harsh weather, is decompose proof and resistant to fading. If Dibond print signs are used for indoors it can last you up to 10 years or more- outdoors will last you up to five years.