xɐɯ3ɥʇ S3LF SH0P

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In the shop you can buy S3lf’s prints in sizes: up to 150×100 cm or 100×150 cm.
Photographs can be printed on Dibond, Aluminium, Paper in best quality.
*All pictures are in ‘camera’ no additional editing at all.
I work with The Print House –  the best printing house in Israel.

I come from silence… a gloomy-dark and heavy abyss of the unspoken… like I’m always without word… like there are no words to describe what I want to understand… as if I’m an alien wondering in galaxies far of my own… an exile. Dazzle… Overwhelmed… In frighten most of the time. I can only stare. For better or worse, trust only in what I see. My courage is in the steady of a glance, like a Glance is the only thing that I can call my own.



Examples of frame (back side)-print on Dibond: