“The intellectual process behind the use of Kombucha, thorns, blood, flowers in this project was associated with the need to express the sharpness of the relationship to beloved Human. These materials symbolize the effort I made in life, efforts of understanding and acceptance. Metamorphosis as the basic law of life. All things must always be in transformation as a moral way of living.”
Words by Oded Levy and Th3Max.


BIOART is art that literally works in the continuum of biomaterials, from DNA, proteins, and cells to full organisms. BIOART manipulates, modifies or creates life and living processes.

In manipulating biological processes, BIOART intervenes directly in the networks of the living.

Life has a material specificity that is not reducible to other media.

Without direct biological intervention, art made solely of acrylics, paper, pixels, plastic, steel, or any other kind of nonliving matter is not BIOART.

BIOART is alive, all BIOART has political, social, cultural, and ethical implications, whether or not these are made explicit by the artist.

BIOART challenges the boundaries between the human and the nonhuman, the living and the nonliving, the natural and the artificial.

About BIOART: Guy Ben-Ary