*project is closed

The intellectual process behind the use of Kombucha, tree spikes, blood, flowers in this project was driven by the need to express the sharpness of a relationship between me and a loved one. I had the initial idea of a double portrait representing the endless dualism between us while expressing our wish to stay connected. I wanted to attach two skulls each turning in a different direction (symbolizing duality). At one point it became clear and unequivocal that the skulls must be separated, each with its own autonomy, and so the project changed. I accepted the reality of our relationship (very not easy process… ) and once I did that the creation process was complete. These materials symbolize the effort I made in Life, efforts of understanding and acceptance. Metamorphosis as the basic law of Life. All things must always be in transformation as a moral way of living.
*Words by Th3Max and Minotaur