Interview about TV Series “Unchained”, which was released in 2019. The theme of the series is the position of women in modern society (in particular, in the Israeli religious society).
A devout Rabbi-detective tasked with unchaining women whose husbands deny them of a Jewish divorce and a new life, finds out that in his own home, and his own wife, lurks a secret that threatens his world and marriage. Agunnah, an “anchored” woman, is a Jewish law principle in which a woman is bound in marriage by a husband who refuses to grant a divorce or, who is missing and not proven dead. An Anchored or Woman will never be able to marry in a Jewish ceremony nor have children with another man. These rigid laws are centuries old but are still observed in present-day Israel, where there is no separation between “Church” and State. According to Jewish law, a Get, the permission to divorce, can be obtained only if a husband consents to the divorce. The woman cannot divorce him, even if they are living separately, even if it was proven that he beats her, cheats on her, emotionally abuses her. Moreover, even if the husband disappears, as long as he’s not located, his estranged wife will not be able to remarry and have children with another man. Judaism does provide some ways to pressure these divorce-denying men to provide a Get, yet, even today, there are hundreds of Anchored Women in Israel. Following intense public pressure, the Rabbinate has made available for these women a small number of Rabbis who are also trained as detectives or psychologists. Their job is to locate the husband, if he’d disappeared, and then to perform the more complicated task of convincing him to sign the Get and allow the Anchored Woman to start a new life.

Interview about TV Series “Unchained” | 1.12.2019

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