xɐɯ3ɥʇ M3DIA/N3WS/PR3SS

I have been selected for Performance Crossings 2020 / – Prague, Czech republic.

At the festival I will present Performance for “PAIN MAP” project.
Special thanks for helping and supporting:
Eyal Sella. Guy Ben-Ary. Yossi Madmony. Natalie Rublinetsky.




Por medio de la presente hacemos constar que Th3Max presentó la pieza de vídeo PA1N MAP/T0TAL R3CALL que formó parte de Biomedia: enfermedad, arte y medicina durante la exposición Memento Mori que se lleva a cabo en las instalaciones del museo del 13 de noviembre al 8 de diciembre de 2019.



MEXICO | Querétaro Museum of Contemporary Art
“Memento Mori. Biomedia, Illness, Art, and Medicine” is an itinerant video exhibition that brings together artistic proposals from different part of the world that incorporate biotechnological methods to address, question, or decode medical knowledge surrounding the body and illness. The exhibition has been carried out between performance artist Felipe Osornio “Lechedevirgen Trimegisto” and Meritxell Rosell and Lula C. Sánchez editors of CLOT Magazine. The exhibition opens on November 13 until December 9, 2019. More info at http://bit.ly/2Q8i8cG

At the exhibition Th3Max represented video documentation of “PA1N MAP” project.




M A N I C | The Big Anxiety Festival

15 OCT 2019 – 26 OCT 2019 | SYDNEY AUSTRALIA

In October 2019, Max participated in a festival dedicated to mental health.
At the festival, Max presented a video documentation of  “PA1N MAP” project.

*Authorship by curator Ivana Jovanovic.
“Happy to provide you with feedback and interactions people had with your work.
A few key things stood out when we did the screening of the work in the lecture theatre on opening night. I had a few people come up to me who spoke about how brave it was that you shared this project and process of recovery from self harm. A lot of people were interested in the Kombucha skin samples we had displayed, and about the process of making them. A few people found the video very difficult to watch because of the nature of the content, and that it is a very personal work. Many people over all who did experience the video talked to me about how it was a very important to show this kind of work, that although it was challenging, they felt like it was a necessary thing to show in an exhibition that talks about mental health.”



15 OCT 2019 – 26 OCT 2019 | SYDNEY AUSTRALIA | The Big Anxiety Festival

M A N I C explores the tenuous and personal relationships between creativity, productivity and mental wellbeing.
The exhibition has engaged emerging artists, writers and creatives to amplify discussion around mental ill health through lived experience.

Th3Max represents video documentation of PAIN MAP project.
*Curatored by Ivana Jovanovic.

Photos by Cynthia Sciberras ©


Interview with Th3Max for CLOT Magazine “TH3MAX, and the aestheticization of pain”