xɐɯ3ɥʇ LIF3 STAT3M3NT

Max. Born in Siberia, lives and works in Tel Aviv-Yafo. She is an independent artist who engages in curiosity-based artistic and cultural research. Using various techniques, media and artistic strategies, her focus is on materiality and this allows a sensation of immediacy and intensity for the viewer. 

Her practice spans multiple art forms including documentation, performance, photography and live-art, making the distinction between the artist and the art blurred.

She spends considerable time on underground digital distribution strategies that incorporate programming and computer engineering with virtual distribution of imagery and speculative scenarios in open spaces.

Max’s works tends towards the extreme. Her use of unusual materials such as blood or jellyfish carcasses reveal her ideological and physical manifestations of pain and trauma.

The process of self-inquiry and self-reflectiveness are repeated obsessively in her work, creating the foundations for brutal and exposed photographs while her choice of unique materials such as flesh, blood, nature and nudity supports the narrative she wishes to convey.

Engrossed with past traumas, Max creates a time-based thread that allows her the opportunity for processing and healing and thus attempts to look, through a camera lens, for beauty in misery.

Max’s photographs are liminal. They blur the lines between human and animal, life and death, flesh and machine. Animals become human and human bodies become amorphous and modular.

Art of verge. Life on the edge. Existence on the brink.