xɐɯ3ɥʇ B10GRAPHY / L1F3 STAT3M3NT

…ssǝubuıɥʇou ɟo ǝɔuɐʇdǝɔɔɐ



Max – Artist Loner.
She is not a member of any organization.
Not a member of any communities.
Max did not finish school.
She never studied in any institution.
Max is an autodidact.
Everything that she knows – she learned by herself.
My opinion – take it or leave it.


Max. Born in Siberia, lives and works in Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Her practice spans multiple art forms. Max’s creations tend towards the extreme. Her use of unusual materials such as blood or jellyfish carcasses reveal her ideological and physical manifestations of pain and trauma.

The process of self-inquiry and self-reflectiveness are repeated obsessively in her art create the foundations for brutal and exposed works, supports the narrative she wishes to convey.

Max’s creations are liminal. They blur the lines between human and animal, life and death, flesh and machine. Animals become human and human bodies become amorphous and modular.

Art of verge. Life on the edge. Existence on the brink.